Saturday, February 1, 2014

Trolls 2, or why sometimes you should judge a movie by its cover

Hey there, everyone, and welcome again to my blog. Today I will write about a movie that I watched yesterday: Trolls 2.
Trolls 2 is a low buget, B class horror movie, about a group of vegetarian goblins who turn people into plants and eat them. It's called Trolls 2 in spite of being about goblins, because its creators tried to market it as the sequel to an unrelated movie.
Since the very beginning, the movie strikes you with bad acting, bad special effects, and crazy '90s stuff. The director said she was worried because many of her friends were becoming vegetarians, so she made a movie in which eating vegetables was a bad thing. I can only assume she successfully scared her friends from eating vegetables again, lest they became bad quality plastic dolls roughly ressembling goblins, carrying ewok weapons.
are they wearing bags?
The main character is a boy who can talk to his recently departed grandfather, as we are shown in the first minute of the movie, whose family goes on a vacation trip to 'I can't believe it took me an hour to realize it's Goblin spelled backwards' Nilbog, a town with about 20 residents. Throughout the whole film, he is advised by his dead grandpa, which makes him look crazy to his non-death-people-seer parents and sister, to prevent his family from eating any of thew vegetarian food they are offered by the disguised goblins, since eating it will turn them into plants --delicious, edible, healthy plants.

Just so you see how bad this film is, here are some famous scenes, like the 'let's make popcorn' one:

or the 'oh my god' one, showing how well-prepared and trained this actors were:

If you think that's not crazy enough, then let me tell you about thew scene in which grandpa comes back from the dead, carrying AN AXE and cutting a goblin's hand off:

Of course, in the end the boy uses the best weapon against vegetarian goblins... A meat sandwich! as he eats it, he becomes poisonous to the goblins, and thus immune to their powers... for now.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this compilation of the many times the main character calls his grandpa in the movie... actually, is he the real main character?

If you want to watch this piece of art, get it on TPB, it's free!
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  1. I love b-horror movies! This was comedic gld lol. I thought it was creepy as a kid, as I grew older it was just laughable lol


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