Monday, February 10, 2014

Duolingo: Learn a second language!

Have you ever felt the need to learn a second language, but didn't know where to begin? Or rather, have you already learnt your second language, and now you know what a wonderful experience it could be and would like to learn your third?
Well, if you want to learn some of the most spoken (european rooted, so far) languages, this is your site:

I first came across this site in an Esperanto facebook group. As I've said  time and time again, Esperanto is a living language (the perfect second language, but just see for yourself here), and within the community a great number of people are polyglots. From that part of the 'Esperantujo', many people have contributed to the creation and development of this great site.

To use it, you must first say which language/s you speak, and then which language/s you want to learn. This will give you access to an organized, step by step course on learning the language, through images, sounds, reading and writing, thus acquiring vocabulary and practising grammar.
Besides that, it also serves the purpose of a 'linguistic social network' in which you can chat with native speakers of the language you're learning, check out the progress of your friends and even remind them to get back to the site if they're being too lazy.

I myself have started using it to learn Italian, which is a fairly easy language for a native Spanish speaker, and even more if you speak Esperanto.

If you try this site out, post your username here so that I, and other readers, can add you and track your progress! Plus I could help you with your learning if you happen to choose Spanish!

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