Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mind Palaces 2: I memorized 151 pokémons!

Hey there! I finally finished learning all 151 pokémons by heart, using my Mind Palace technique! I finished on a bus trip, and it required me to double the size of my palace, so overall it was a good mental excercise. Now I can say each pokemon's number, or tell you which pokémon a number is (which I will add to my long list of useless skills that I always brag about).
Now, I'd like to ask my readers to suggest me some other fun thing to memorize, so that I can make my Mind Palace grow. Or, if you want to ask me something about mind palaces, because you're having trouble or something, do it!
So please, tell me some fun things to memorize... so far I've thought of the Periodic Table of Elements, some mythologycal pantheon, or even more digits of Pi (of which I know 70).
Don't ask me to learn the next 100 pokemons, that would not be fun.


  1. This is so cool! I love your blog-- just wanted to let you know! It pleases me greatly to know there's other people out there who like fun, random, interesting, and geeky things! Especially people whom also appear to be an otaku~

    1. Woah, you're the first reader who seems pleased by my blog... it's for people like you that I write! may I ask you how you came across the site?

    2. Haha! Really? That's kind of surprising. There's so many interesting posts! But to answer your question, I believe I came across it while I was researching 'mind palaces.' There was a link somewhere that led to this blog, and then I kind of read EVERYTHING.

    3. Well, you must be the first :) if you want me to write about any topic, just ask, I do love getting feedback from my dear readers. Which, so far, is a category that only includes you.


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